FasTrack Explorers

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FasTrack Explorers ImageExploring is a natural instinct for any child, so why not allow them to find answers to their questions? A fun, multi-day “adventure” for children 2 – 4 years old that incorporates elements of FasTrack Tots® in addition to literacy and math components. With a mixture of hands-on activities, communication, public speaking skills, focus on language and numbers, children get a fun and balanced early education. This program runs three hours a day, up to 5 days a week for 44 weeks.

FasTrack® Explorers is a teacher-led program that provides a solid foundation for future academic growth in preschool aged children. By utilizing the teaching of creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills, FasTrack Explorers is able to have child centered learning through an exciting, interactive program. Math elements, such as number, sequence and pattern activities are foundational exercises for future learning. Phonics elements provide language activities that encourage children to play, create and expand verbal vocabulary. Music activities are also used in FasTrack Explorers to increase gross motor skills and auditory discrimination with children’s rhymes. The FasTrack Learning Station® is the driving force behind the Explorers program and is evident in every FasTrack Explorers lesson.

FasTrack Explorers ImageWith up to 9 different activities during a day, FasTrack Explorers students are exposed to Educational Zigzagging℠. This method allows children to gather information through exposure to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning, meeting the needs of various learning styles. Elements that can be found in the FasTrack Explorers program include: Welcome Time (transistion and socialization), Welcome Circle (creative expression) FasTrack Learning Station (science and creativity), Snack Time (socialization), Movement (gross motor skills), Academic Stations (language, literacy and math), Music Time (FasTrack Music), Creative Time (culture and art) and Closing Circle (creative expression).