FasTrackids Global Initiative

2013 FasTracKids Global Initiative: Water Wise

Did you know that 780 million people worldwide lack access to clean water? This fact, along with the impact of water usage and conservation, is why FasTracKids chose to have their inaugural Global Initiative focus on the world’s most precious resource, water. This will be the first topic covered by the year-long, annual initiative that FasTracKids centers and schools will include as part of the FasTracKids signature program.

Titled “Water Wise”, students enrolled in the FasTracKids program at participating centers will learn water facts, collaborate on classroom activities and initiate community projects. As a valuable addition to the FasTracKids program, students will focus on water-related problems and information for 20 extra minutes per class.

Azi Character ImageFasTracKids emphasizes collaboration as one of the Five Advantages of the FasTracKids signature program. This is also seen with the Water Wise Global Initiative through a collaboration website for FasTracKids students and teachers. The website allows students and teachers to share water ideas and best practices with FasTracKids students, parents and centers worldwide.

“FasTracKids is proud to introduce a global initiative that resonates with families and communities.” explains Nancy Faunce, President and CEO of FasTracKids International. “Our children should be made aware of this issue, and FasTracKids’ believes that children can add new, creative ideas to help solve this issue.”

At the end of the calendar year, FasTracKids centers will hold community events to help educate and change the way people think about water. Students will receive an “Ecological” badge for every month they are enrolled in the FasTracKids program during 2013.

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