FasTracKids Programs

We believe that your child is born with the potential to be successful. FasTracKids® programs build your child’s life-long learning skills that are essential for a bright future!

Experts say that learning is the most critical skill for the 21st century. FasTracKids methodology develops the skill of learning by engaging the whole child in our child-centered environment. Our programs excite young learners by building the FasTrack® Advantages: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and confidence. We focus on teaching children how to comprehend and not memorize by teaching them HOW to think, NOT WHAT to think.

Each child learns differently and your child has unique preferences in the way they understand the world around them. Our methodology allows your child to be in a dynamic, active learning environment where they can thrive. We blend the best educational methods from Socrates to Montessori, with our proprietary approach called Educational Zig-ZaggingSM. Our teachers guide your child through a combination of multimedia curriculum, hands-on projects and active classroom discussions.

We offer these programs at a critical time in your child’s development. The years between 0-8 are when your child is developing cognitively, socially and emotionally. Our early childhood programs reinforce your child’s natural development and expand their capacity for learning. The most important ingredient of the FasTracKids programs is that they’re fun with a purpose, creating an engaged child and a successful learner.

The best investment you can make is in your child’s education. We look forward to helping your child discover that life-long love of learning and creating an experience they won’t forget!

6 Months - 2 Years

  • FasTrack® Signing

    Do you ever wonder what your baby is thinking? As parents of infants, we know our children can communicate before they can speak. Our FasTrack Signing program will help you understand what your child is trying to tell you, without the frustration.
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2 - 4 Years

  • FasTrack® Tots

    As your child toddles, wiggles and laughs, he is investigating his world. Two year olds are exploring and testing out their world, using all their senses and making their own conclusions. Our FasTrack Tots class helps meet the need of your toddler by providing a first step to independent learning and collaborative friendships. Read More…

  • FasTrack® Beginners

    Give your child an early educational advantage that will start to prepare them for the exciting transition from preschool to kindergarten, along with learning another language. Read More…

  • FasTrack® Explorers

    The preschool experience sets the stage for your child’s attitude towards school. The best first school experience for your child is through FasTrack Explorers. Our proven method of delivering a firm foundation for learning is available as a multi-day preschool program.
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3 - 5 Years

  • FasTrack® Discoverers

    Your young learner has a natural curiosity for investigating, experimenting and discovering. Our FasTrack Discoverers program for 3-5 year olds provides an engaging, multi-day preschool educational setting to nurture your preschooler’s inquisitiveness and prepare them for success. Read more…

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3 - 8 Years

  • FasTrack® Fundamentals

    The FasTrack Fundamentals program is a fun, interactive way to give your child the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century. Utilizing the interactive whiteboard and our methodology focusing on developing the whole child, FasTrack Fundamentals provides a balanced learning approach for 3-8 year olds. Read More…

  • FasTrack® Science

    Children are born with naturally curious minds, investigating every facet of life and the world around them.  FasTracKids® cultivates a child’s inherent curiosity, investigative nature and inspires their minds to constantly explore.  Now is the perfect time to introduce them to the wonders of science! Read More…

  • FasTrack® English

    FasTrack English introduces and supports children’s English development, which improves the way they think and interact with the world around them. The optimal time for anyone to fluently learn another language is before age 8. Read More…

  • FasTrack® Camps

    FasTracKids offers your child a fun, energetic day camp experience that will help them avoid the holiday education backslide. Recent studies have shown that students who “take a break” from learning can lose up to six months of education! This learning loss puts them at a significant disadvantage when they re-start school.
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  • FasTrack® Robotics

    FasTrack® Robotics uses Cubelets to learn the basics of robotics. Cubelets are electronic building blocks, each with a small computer inside. When connected they perform creative tasks and are the easiest way for children 4 years and up to learn the basics of robotics. In fact, kids can create a robot with as few as three Cubelets!
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