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FasTrack Language Arts ImageSpeaking and understanding a language is essential for communicating, but being able to expand your vocabulary, read and write allows for creative communication. FasTrack® Language Arts covers mechanics of the English language such as phonics, vocabulary and grammar, as well as reading and writing comprehension using detailed illustrations, puzzles, and games. Workbooks are divided into 10 levels with 198 weekly workbooks for ages 2 – 15.

FasTrack Language Arts emphasizes analytical and critical thinking skills. Students will discover Language Arts through a wide range of subjects, with questions to test and improve reading comprehension. There are exercises focusing on the structure and analysis of a text, using concepts like alliteration and the use of similes. In this way, students build a strong foundation in English from the very beginning of the program.

An individualized study program is created for each student based on their performance on a comprehensive computer analyzed diagnostic test. This evaluation determines the student’s weaknesses and strengths so it can create an individualized learning schedule for each student.