FasTrack Learning Station

The FasTrack Learning Station

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The same technology used in leading academic and science centers like Oxford University, MIT, Harvard University and NASA along with leading research centers and companies such as Microsoft, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Merrill Lynch and Boeing is also found in the FasTracKids classroom. At the heart of the FasTracKids® Curriculum are CD-ROM based lessons delivered via The FasTrack Learning Station®, a unique combination of computer technology, LCD projection and an interactive white board. This exciting technology engages children in the early learning process and allows trained FasTracKids instructors to concentrate on the developmental needs of each child.

The FasTrack Learning Station allows trained instructors to display multimedia video, sound, and illustrations into classroom sessions while enabling students to interact with objects and images they see on screen. With over 10 years of interactive whiteboard research, international education experts say that this technology will improve motivation and attendance, accommodate different learning styles, improve material retention and increase teacher productivity.  The interactive whiteboard answers the needs of both visual and kinesthetic learners by showing large, vibrant images while letting children physically interact with material by moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with their fingers.  Children that have special needs can see, read and manipulate information easier on the whiteboard than in traditional education.  This innovative technology helps bring early learning to life and opens up new worlds with challenges and opportunities for children.

“My six-year-old daughter is very curious, and she is always eager to go to FasTracKids class,” wrote the mother of Monira, a FasTracKids student in Bangladesh. “She has truly enjoyed the FasTracKids Biology class, where she had the chance to visit the Amazon Rainforest, Antarctica, and the Sahara Desert. Moreover, she told us about this experience and what she saw, including camels and jackals in the desert, whales and penguins in Antarctica, and snakes, birds, monkeys, frogs and trees in the Amazon.”

With the expectations brought about by our rapidly changing world, focusing directly on early childhood education and how children can succeed is of paramount importance. FasTracKids uses its FasTrack Learning Station to help discover new worlds of potential in young children. With lessons being taught on CD-ROM, the curriculum is consistently presented throughout the world.  This helps our teachers be quality facilitators of the lessons.  We firmly believe that when we all take steps to make better students, it’s a giant leap into a better future.