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FasTrack Tots ImageIsn’t it wonderful how young children have so much curiosity? Our toddler program allows children 2 – 3 1/2 years old to constructively develop their curiosity as well as their communication, concentration, self esteem and social skills. Children participate in our early learning classes using songs, movement, and hands-on activities one hour per week. FasTrack® Tots prepares children for pre-school and gives them a seamless transition into the FasTracKids® signature program.


FasTrack Tots is taught on the FasTrack Learning Station®, which integrates CD-ROM lessons with an interactive whiteboard. Children learn by seeing, hearing, touching and doing. Children control the pace of the class by responding to the classroom teacher and content presented from the Learning Station. FasTracKids lessons utilize a unique methodology called Educational Zigzagging℠. Activities change frequently in order to maintain the interest of the children and help them to develop focus and concentration skills.


 FasTrack Tots ImageFasTrack Tots introduces toddlers to the classroom experience. Designed for the shorter attention spans of these early learners, FasTrack Tots uses engaging lessons that involve songs, movement and hands-on activities. Basic social, leadership and teamwork skills are emphasized when children interact with other students, teacher assistants and teachers in the class. Children are able to use newly found communication skills and develop self-esteem through classroom discussions, role-plays and activities.

Progress reports allow teachers to share written results with parents and separates FasTracKids from other early education programs. FasTrack Tots follows the same schedule and curriculum as FasTracKids classes, allowing children to easily transition into the two-hour FasTracKids class when they are developmentally ready.