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About FasTracKids

FasTracKids Handstand Boy ImageFasTracKids® is a proven innovator in international early childhood education. Using programs designed for children 6 months to 8 years old, FasTracKids provides an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. FasTracKids utilizes revolutionary technology to reinforce a child’s communication, creativity, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills that will carry over into the home and school settings.


FasTracKids isn’t intended to replace early education, it is meant to enhance it. Using the FasTrack Learning Station®, FasTracKids is able to provide quality programs like the FasTracKids signature program, FasTrack® Signing, FasTrack® Tots, FasTrack® Music, FasTrack® Explorers, FasTrack® Discoverers, FasTrack® Camps and FasTrack® English. The FasTracKids platform provides a consistent, high quality delivery and teaching methodology that engages all of a child’s senses.



FasTracKids Objective & Mission

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FasTracKids® has a single objective and that is:

To provide quality, early learning programs worldwide through its Franchisees.

The mission that it shares with its Franchisees is:

To provide fun, interactive early learning programs while infusing a love of learning in children through preschool, early elementary school and beyond.


Research Studies

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Research shows that the size of children’s vocabulary and social skills is directly linked to how they perform in school. Independent testing by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) demonstrates that a significant number of three to six year old children enrolled in FasTracKids® improved their vocabulary and social skills at a rate 100% to 150% times faster than their peers not enrolled in the program. All children in the study improved. Children who were kindergarten-aged advanced as much as one grade level and some of those students improved up to two grade levels.


Words of Praise for FasTracKids

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Over the years, FasTracKids® and parents have formed a special partnership in developing a child’s mind in the classroom and at home. Continuing to learn at home is just as important as developing communication, critical thinking, confidence, creativity and collaboration skills that are emphasized in every FasTracKids lesson. It is very exciting to know that parents, educators and children can speak about what FasTracKids has done for them.