Words of Praise for FasTracKids

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Over the years, FasTracKids® and parents have formed a special partnership in developing a child’s mind in the classroom and at home. Continuing to learn at home is just as important as developing communication, critical thinking, confidence, creativity and collaboration skills that are emphasized in every FasTracKids lesson. It is very exciting to know that parents, educators and children can speak about what FasTracKids has done for them.


Independent research on the FasTracKids program demonstrates that a significant number of three to six year old children enrolled in FasTracKids improved their vocabulary and social skills at a rate 100% to 150% times faster than their peers not enrolled in the program.

Research, parent, educator and child feedback confirms that FasTracKids reinforces children’s innate love of learning and helps them develop their potential.


“It has been a wonderful experience for Smaran at FasTracKids. He started when he was 3 and will be finishing the end of February 2009. When he first started, he used to be very shy and was not very communicative. But now, he has progressed so well that he outsmarts everyone at school. He has learned a lot from FasTracKids, especially social skills, team work and communication skills. We are very happy with his progress. In fact, we are planning to enroll our daughter in this program, too.”

– Preetha and Subramanyan, Parents of FasTracKid Smaran (Age 5)

“We watched Landon’s love for learning increase exponentially when he started FasTracKids last year. He already loved to learn new things and your teaching methods definitely supported that and heightened his curiosity even more. We believe he is at a critical (st)age and we are excited that we supplemented homeschooling with FasTracKids and even happier that it was such a perfect marriage and that Landon loves learning as much as, or more than, kids love candy.”

– Sophie, Parent of FasTracKid Landon (Age 5)

“I have found that learning for my 3-year-old is more than just memorizing the ABCs, colors and shapes. The learning is fun and you get a lot for your money.”

– Mike, Parent of FasTracKid Ally

“Shaan attended FasTracKids for a year and a half before entering kindergarten this year. At our first parent/teacher meeting, my husband and I were surprised and very pleased to hear that Shaan was not only doing well, but was already prepared to enter 1st grade. I credit the FasTracKids program and his teachers, Ms. Kippi and Ms. Marla, for Shaan’s early success.”

– Anita, parent of FasTracKid Shaan (Age 5)


” No other Early Childhood program, in my opinion, has shown such dramatic results in so short a time period.”

– New York Public School Principal

“The students enrolled in FasTracKids, when they reach primary school, are more eager to learn and to ask questions about Why and How. I can also state that these students have better speaking and communication skills, they have developed their leadership skills, they know how to apply and transfer knowledge and, generally speaking, they have enriched their education throughout the Program.”

– Elementary School Principal in Portugal

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“I really like my FasTracKids class. I love to see and touch the whiteboard because there I have learned new things that I can then share with my friends. I also like to be filmed by the camera and then see what we said. FasTracKids has helped me pay better attention to what I’m learning and to know better the world I live in.”

– Giovanni, FasTracKids student in Venezuela