The FTK Way

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Hearing + Seeing = Knowing Your Child is Learning!

Progress reports, a FasTracKids Parents website and videos help parents experience their child’s education first hand!

Parents play a very important and influential part in a child’s education. Education.com‘s article titled “What Research Says on Parent Involvement in Children’s Education” shows that the earlier a parent gets involved with their child’s education, the more successful they are going to be. At FasTracKids®, we don’t just enroll children, we enroll families. We welcome and expect parental involvement.



Progress reports, parent-teacher conferences, videotapes and a Parents Website help parents stay involved in their child’s progress in FasTracKids, as well as continue their learning at home.


FasTracKids progress reports are sent out during the year and are on a “reflective scale” (using words to describe progress instead of number or letter grades).  Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled to allow parents and teachers to establish learning goals and track progress for each individual child.

Technology also helps FasTracKids and parents monitor a child’s progress in the program.  Children are video-recorded, presenting what they have learned in class that day. Not only do children develop the skills to make well-planned, poised presentations and develop self-confidence, but parents are able to see what their child has learned from each lesson. A library of videotapes shows progress from one class to the next, cataloging a child’s development.

The FasTracKids Parents website offers a review of each lesson and additional activities to do at home to support what a child has learned. FasTracKids Centers also offer a “parent class”, where parents experience for themselves the unique FasTracKids curriculum.


Our goal at FasTracKids is to support parents in preparing your children for school and developing a lifelong love of learning.