Lights, Camera, Remember!

FasTracKids Videotaping ImageFasTracKids® videotaping helps with public speaking and recalling previous lessons.

Young children giving an oral presentation on concepts they have learned is not a common technique in early childhood education. Allowing children the experience of being videotaped and reviewing their own presentations develops children’s creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills and is extraordinarily unique. Also, by having students organize their thoughts and displaying them in front of a camera and audience, FasTracKids shows parents proof of what their child is learning while students gain self confidence in sharing their ideas.

Opportunities to videotape students are usually scheduled in advance by the teacher, giving the students time to prepare their presentations. After the child has prepared his or her presentation, a FasTracKids teacher videotapes the child presenting what he or she has learned. Each lesson is taught using the FasTrack Learning Station® that includes a combination of activities, role-play scenarios or projects that children participate in. Usually, teachers will use activities, role-play scenarios or projects as opportunities to have children present what they know in front of the camera.

Students are videotaped regularly throughout all of the FasTracKids programs, giving parents documented proof of their child’s progress in communication, public speaking, confidence and recollection skills. When students aren’t being videotaped, they are part of the audience that includes the FasTracKids teacher, providing positive, constructive feedback for the student who just presented.