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Voices of FasTrack English International Speech Contest

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In 2012, FasTracKids held its first international children’s speech contest. Students enrolled in the FasTrack English program were able to showcase their hard work and progress learning the English language by researching, writing and performing their own speech. Every participant conducted their speech in front of their classmates while being video recorded by the FasTrack English teacher.

Students are placed into categories based on their experience with the English language. Category one is for students in the first year of FasTrack English. Category two is for second year students of the program and Category three is open to students in either year.


  • Category One: A 15-30 second speech.  Topic choices include a speech about their neighborhood, their house, their classroom or school, the weather, the water cycle or why clean air is important.
  • Category Two: A 30-60 second speech.  Topic choices include their city, their country, animals in the student’s environment, climate change or the importance of a clean environment.
  • Category Three: An English song or poem performed in its entirety.

After performing research on the chosen topic, students write their speech, practice it in front of their peers and recite it while being recorded for the contest.

A total of 150 English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students from 9 FasTracKids schools and centers worldwide submitted videos to FasTracKids.

Here are the videos that were awarded first place in each category. Congratulations to all our participants worldwide!


Category 1 (15-30 second speech) – Mariana from FasTracKids Leon in Leon, Mexico


Category 2 (30-60 second speech) – Peter from FasTracKids Korea in Seoul, South Korea


Category 3 (song or rhyme) – Teodora from FasTracKids Galati in Galati, Romania