We are proud that our families want to share their pride and satisfaction with their child’s experiences in FasTracKids®. Our latest worldwide parent survey which was given to existing FasTracKids parents, asked “would you recommend FasTracKids to your friends and family?”  Over 97% of parents said yes they would!

We are honored to know that FasTracKids makes an everlasting impact on the wonderful minds of our students.  See what some of our students and schools have to say about our fun, early childhood programs:

“I like to be a FasTracKid because it develops my love of learning and skills.”

Rashi - Age 8Bhavnagar, India

We integrated FasTracKids into the curriculum of our Kindergarten to enrich the knowledge of young children. This program also stimulates creativity and enhances children´s thinking and reasoning ability, as well as developing their problem solving capacities and self-esteem. It has proved to be the correct choice to help putting our children on the path to success. The first year we implemented the program was in the school year of 2000/2001. When those children reached the ninth year, it was the first time we got to the top ten ranking in the country and we have been there ever since.

Rui Curica, School PrincipalRio de Mouro, Portugal

It has been a wonderful experience for Smaran at FasTracKids. He started when he was 3 and will be finishing at the end of February. When he first started, he used to be very shy and was not very communicative. But now, he has progressed so well that he outsmarts everyone at school. He has learned a lot from FasTracKids, especially social skills, teamwork and communication skills. We are very happy with his progress. In fact, we are planning to enroll our daughter in this program, too.

Preetha and Subramanyan, Parents of FasTracKid Smaran (Age 5)Georgia, USA

I am forever and ever grateful for the services for my child Rene Daniel.   It has served him well to be in a program that offers so much, overall,  I am grateful for the love he was given.  My child is happy when he is with you!

Karla Lopez, parent of René Daniel López (Age 3)Obregon, Mexico

We want to thank you for Connor’s fabulous FasTrack Camps experience!  He especially loved everything about dinosaur week, and he and his brother are still playing with (fighting over) the puppets, flag, etc.  He talked about it every day, and was so happy to tell his brother who just finished kindergarten about what he was “studying”.  On Friday he was so excited that he “learned about T-Rex again today!”.  He also said he loves his teachers. Thanks!

Sharon, parent of Connor (Age 4)New York, USA

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that Aris and Vaia are attending FasTracKids.  I am very thrilled about the program and Aris, for the first time since he started day care/preschool, he just loves to attend.  He actually wanted to come to school today (Saturday)! He’s never said that to me before! I know his new buddies have a lot do with it, but it’s much more than that (for the first time)! His favorite part is the “Learning Station”, he talks about it a lot and he really feels he is learning and getting smarter.  So, I’m giving you a big THANK YOU for that! Looking forward to spending the year with you.

Christiana, mother of Aris and Vaia (Age 4)California, USA

Shaan attended FasTracKids for a year and a half before entering kindergarten this year. At our first parent/teacher meeting, my husband and I were surprised and very pleased to hear that Shaan was not only doing well, but was already prepared to enter 1st grade. I credit the FasTracKids program and his teachers, Ms. Kippi and Ms. Marla, for Shaan’s early success.

Anita, parent of FasTracKid Shaan (Age 5)Georgia, USA