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We empower your child to be successful in learning and in life!

Experts now agree that lifelong learning is the single most important skill for the 21st century. The most critical time to develop this skill is in early childhood, when a child’s neural connections as well as their emotional and social intelligence are being formed. FasTracKids® supports families in the development of the whole child by teaching the Five Advantages of Learning:  skills for critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and confidence.

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What Is FasTracKids?

Alexandra Kovaleva, a 6 year old from Kazakhstan, is a FasTrackids Grand Prize Winner and International Ambassador for 2019. Alexandra represents the enthusiasm and love of learning that all FasTracKids possess. Her confidence and ability to communicate effectively is why she was chosen as a FasTracKids Ambassador. Listen to her describe why she loves FasTracKids, then find a location near you and give your child the experience of learning cleverly disguised as fun!

To hear what success sounds like from a FasTracKid, click on this video!