As one of the most successful centers at Voices of FasTracKids 2019, Cara Social Skill Education always proves their teaching quality with impressive awards of both FasTracKids and teachers in the competition.
40 students who are learning FasTracKids STEM at Cara Social Skill Education participating in the competition Voices of FasTracKids considered the contest as the path to overcome inferiority and faineant and show who they are through these confident presentations.

Not only Cara’s students but also Cara’s teachers have received the high appreciation from Judges and all FasTracKids Centers in the world because of excellent presentations. And Cara Social Skill Education successfully received the 3-highest-award of the competitions:
– FasTracKids Ambassador: Pham Kien Minh – 9 years old, Student at Cara Trung Kinh Center
– The first prize: Tran Nam Khanh – 7 years old, Student at Cara My Dinh Center
– The first prize: Ta Tung Linh – 7 years old, Student at Cara My Dinh Center

To celebrate the great achievements of FasTracKids and teachers, Cara Social Skill Education held Voices of FasTracKids 2019 awards ceremony on 30th of May at Pandora Land Park. Besides, the ceremony also gave certificates for all students who have finished FasTracKids program at Cara.

In addition, Cara Social Skills Education also welcomed Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan Anh, who is Chairman of VietEduAid managing Franchise FasTracKids program in Vietnam, visited and gave certificate for the FasTracKids and teachers.


Mr. Nguyen Huu Tuan Anh gave certificate and award to FasTracKids and teachers of Cara
Both teachers and FasTracKids of Cara expressed the happinesses and the proud about their great achievements from this competition.

Congratulations to Cara Social Skill Education!

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