FasTrack® Robotics Camps

FasTracKids® is celebrating the love of learning and stimulating young scientists with their new and innovative FasTrack® Robotics camps.   Children all around the world are enjoying an exciting week of STEM LEARNING as they explore the world of robotic engineering, programming and computational thinking. FasTracKids does this with the help of the latest in robotics teaching technology called Cubelets®, smart, modular building blocks with special skills.

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The Children Are Talking and We Hear Them

Every year FasTracKids hosts an international competition promoting students with presentation skills. We call this the Voices of FasTracKids Speech Contest. This year we have a record number 79 franchisees participating in 19 countries. Students have the opportunity to win prizes including the grand prize awarded to the students who become FasTrack Ambassadors for the year.

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National Summer Learning Day Activities

The summer months are for fun learning opportunities. We have a few activities that promote STEAM skills and smiles during National Summer Learning Day!

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STEAM Skills Meet Careers With FasTracKids New Program

FasTrack Careers Logo Image

FasTracKids International and Rozzy Learning Company of St. Louis, MO, USA have formed a partnership to offer a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) program with a focus on careers, called FasTrack® Careers.

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Why I Sailed the World For Education – Skipper Rich Wilson

I never had any interest racing in the Vendée Globe. The course is around the world, single-handed, non-stop. It’s too hard, too long, too dangerous and the boats are too far from land for help. Yet, the unique symbolism of the Vendée Globe is that it actually circles the world, and thus offers a chance to create a global school program.

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Equality During the Equinox Doesn’t Add Up – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

I think equality is important. That is why I love math. To have one set of numbers balance another set of numbers is the most perfect outcome of all. So imagine my surprise when I learned that the time of year when we celebrate having the same amount of daylight as nighttime is not equal at all!

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FasTracKids Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. CEO Nancy Faunce spoke about women in education and how they have shaped FasTracKids.

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Finding Voice Through Video; A Child’s Public Speaking Journey

When faced with speaking in front of peers, children (and adults) are often either eager to share their thoughts or anxious to perform the task. Because public speaking anxiety often starts with shyness as a child and it can impact their future, it is important for parents and teachers to address this challenge at an early age.

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International Mother Language Day

Mother Language Day Blog Image

Today marks the 10th anniversary of International Mother Language Day. I hold this day close to my heart. My father was a native Spanish speaker growing up in the Southwest United States in the 1960s and was a victim of an often told tale about being belittled, ill-treated and isolated for speaking Spanish, his native language.

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What Skills Make Up A Future Engineer? VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

FasTracKids Engineering Week

Does your child build with blocks, design creative inventions or solve problems? Chances are the skills they are developing translate to what’s needed in today’s engineering jobs. These skills, along with other important 21st century learning skills, are what FasTracKids programs focus on.

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