STEAM Skills Meet Careers With FasTracKids New Program

FasTrack Careers Logo Image

FasTracKids International and Rozzy Learning Company of St. Louis, MO, USA have formed a partnership to offer a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) program with a focus on careers, called FasTrack® Careers.

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Learning While Sailing Into The New Year!

Great American Boat FasTracKids Flag Image

2016 offered our students a new way to learn, by using skipper Rich Wilson’s first hand experience sailing around the world. There have been so many rewarding moments halfway through the Adventure At Sea program that we wanted to share them with you.

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Our Vendée Globe Family Activities

FasTracKids Irapuato Adventures At Sea

During the Vendée Globe race, tens of thousands of people worldwide follow brave sailors (or skippers) as they navigate treacherous seas, outlast fierce storms and battle fatigue to reach their ultimate goal. Students in FasTracKids centers have been paying attention to one skipper in particular, and his name is Rich Wilson.

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Music Makes It

FasTracKids Music Girl Image

Why is music so important to us from a brain development and lifelong learning perspective? Our partners at Kindermusik® share their research and stories about the ability for music to transform us.

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An Ocean of Change

FasTracKids Blog Ocean Image

70% of the Earth’s surface is water. And though our planet’s oceans are vast, the smallest change can affect the entire ecosystem. World Oceans Day reminds us, and future generations, how we can change it for the better.

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Engage a Child’s Mind, Enjoy the Summer – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

School vacation is a favorite time of the year for kids, but is often the most stressful time of the year for parents. As children look forward to sleeping in and long days of relaxation, parents are left wondering how to keep children engaged and active during this unstructured time of the year.

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Encourage Lifelong Learners: Space Edition

FasTracKids Panama Solar System Image

There is a great big galaxy out there, home to infinite planets, moons, and stars. This cosmic playground we call outer space, or space for short, provides endless opportunities to support children as they explore and learn about their environment far from Earth.

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Summer Programs – Vacation with Education

As the world continues to reinvent what we have thought to be true for tens of hundreds of years, our strongest beliefs regarding children’s education are changing as well. We have computers and the Internet, educational television, endless out of school activities and enrichment programs. However, the one aspect of our children’s education that hasn’t changed is the long break from school. Some countries schedule a break in between grade levels (sometimes up to 3 months long) and some have a few breaks scheduled throughout the year.

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Think Like a Genius – CEO Nancy Faunce

CEO Nancy Faunce Image

Leonardo da Vinci is still considered to be one of the world’s greatest thinkers and an unparalleled genius. That is why FasTracKids refers to his principles when describing what our programs can do for a child.

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What Key Skill Makes a Good Leader? Answer: Confidence

Public Speaking Children Image

Developing leadership skills in young children is one of the most important educational outcomes that all FasTracKids programs achieve. One way to develop leadership is through the cultivation of confidence.

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