Food and Talk With Children – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

FasTracKids Family Dinner Image

A new year often inspires people to make positive changes in their lives. It’s difficult to fulfill New Year’s resolutions when somebody can’t hold you accountable throughout the year. One resolution that can be planned and should be on your list is sharing family meals and conversations on a consistent basis.

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Friendships Don’t Start with “Likes” – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

I live in a very urban area. I enjoy sitting on my front porch in the summer and listening to the laughter of children as they play flashlight tag when day gives in to night.

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Children’s Digital World

PBS recently published an article for parents that encourages the use computers and states some of the benefits that they can bring to young learners. The site encourages children to use technology as a learning tool, especially when it becomes an extension of their creativity and play time.

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Amplify Education

Developing children’s communication skills is one of the cornerstones of FasTracKids’ curriculum. The goal is if communication improves in the classroom, then the chance of making children even better students increases. Research shows that the average child misses 25% of what is being said in a normal classroom setting. That number can go as high as 40% in lost communication, depending on the classroom environment.

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What’s in a Game?

Now more than ever, children have a multitude of ways to access the Internet. Through a parent’s smart phone, at school, at home and with newer devices called tablets, children are curious to see what entertainment is instantly available.

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Technology for the Millennium

Several weeks ago, we blogged about how tech savvy young children in this millennium have become.  Many 2-year-old children know how to navigate an IPad to find their favorite cartoons and videos without assistance.  We know our children are growing up in a technological age, but the precision and agility they show in mastering their techno world is truly amazing.

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Tech Savvy Kids

Innovative technology has been a driving force in our rapidly changing world.  The newest gadget, the most popular smartphone or 3D Televisions are consistently feeding a technology hungry adult audience.  Adults might be buying these exciting and progressive devices, but their children are the ones benefiting from the featured educational programs.

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