Technology for the Millennium

Several weeks ago, we blogged about how tech savvy young children in this millennium have become.  Many 2-year-old children know how to navigate an IPad to find their favorite cartoons and videos without assistance.  We know our children are growing up in a technological age, but the precision and agility they show in mastering their techno world is truly amazing.

When we teach technology at FasTracKids, it’s from the perspective of how things have changed so quickly in such a small amount of time.  In our first writing of the subject, wireless Internet, smart phones or live streaming media didn’t exist.  This subject gives children an opportunity to experience technology from another point of view.  As your children journey through this world of different devices, encourage them to compare how quickly and drastically things have changed in the medical field, in their home and as they travel.

Jean-Christophe Laurence, a journalist at La Presse in Montreal, Canada, had children try to figure out what old devices were used for.  This gave children the chance to express ideas and draw from their experiences with technology.

The FasTracKids’ Technology subject promotes great discussions as children explore how their world has changed and how it has stayed the same.

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