World Thinking Day: Think Like a FasTracKid!

Creative Thinking Image

Today is World Thinking Day and is commonly celebrated by Girl Scout and Guide organizations across the globe. Girl Scouts are not the only ones who are wearing their “thinking caps” today.

FasTracKids programs focus on cultivating critical thinking and creativity skills in young learners.  As a result of developing these leadership skills, FasTracKids students are able to generate insightful ideas while explaining their thought process.

As students enrolled in our FasTrack Fundamentals program are learning in a fun, engaging classroom environment about Creativity, they are exposed to different kinds of thinking activities.  Celebrate World Thinking Day with your child by printing our “City Scene” handout.  Ask your child if they can:

  • Color the handout
  • Circle all of the “out of place” items that they see

Have fun and keep thinking!

Creativity Activity Image

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