Children Need an Audience

Public speaking can be one of the biggest challenges in a person’s life. The ability to stand in front of a crowd while talking confidently about a subject can leave the speaker feeling rattled and insecure. This fear of public speaking, called glossophobia, is affecting an estimated 75% of the population. Many of these people that feel some level of anxiety while speaking in front of others can learn to manage it. In order to manage it, there needs to be constant practice and repetition in how to get your point across in a clear manner.

FasTracKids believes that children can organize and share their thoughts in front of others at a young age. By asking a child to review the FasTracKids lesson of the day in the form of an oral presentation, the child gains confidence in what they can recall and with speaking in front of others. FasTracKids teachers videotape students during class and play back the presentations so the child is able to reflect on their presentation. This can help the child get comfortable speaking in front of a camera, as well as allowing parents to view the progress being made in class.

With the FasTracKids program, children can develop their skills in public speaking and, hopefully, help them be in the 25% that can speak confidently in front of others.

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