Dare to be Creative

When asked the question “who was your favorite teacher and why?”, chances are you have someone special in mind who impacted your life beyond the classroom. This person could have challenged you, nurtured you and gave you an outlet for creative expression. Creativity has become an important factor in how a student learns and a teacher communicates to reach their collective goals.

Stav Papadopoulos contributed a “How To” article through Edudemic.com about using creativity in the classroom as a teacher. Some educators emphasize a student’s use of creativity, but don’t look at the way they can use it in their lesson plans. Papadopoulos comments on the ways teachers can use this skill on a daily basis:

Promote creativity every chance you get! An appealing environment is conducive to learning and equally as appealing is a lesson involving every single student and promoting collaboration. Give all students a few minutes in the beginning or the end of any lesson to share a story, to make a proposal, to report on something, to ask anyone a question, to make an announcement.

FasTracKids features creativity as one of the “Five Advantages” that children experience while in the program. This skill is also instilled in our teachers, giving children the creative outlet that allows them to grow!

Read the Edudemic article here

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