Happy Returns

Now that mid September has arrived, students throughout the world who had a break from school are welcomed back. Some of these children are attending school for the first time or are attending a new school.

Back-to-school can be a stressful time for families. An article published in the Family & Parenting section of USA Today outlines several strategies that parents can employ to alleviate some of the stress facing their children.


The following strategies are taken from the article:

  • Plan a visit. Let children tour the school well before classes start so they can meet their teacher, see their classroom and play in the playground.
  • Talk about the new routine. Be enthusiastic and let your children know what they can expect during a typical school day.
  • Start the transition early. Establish earlier bedtimes and set the alarm so kids can get used to their school schedule ahead of time.
  • Play school at home. If you have younger children, pretend to be the teacher and talk about school rules.

In addition to strategies, the article gives some tips to parents about their own behavior, what help is available to them, and what to expect in the first several weeks that a child attends school. Even if your child has been back to school for more than a few weeks, this article can still be helpful.

USA Today Family & Parenting Article

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