Learning to Change

There is a 12 minute video posted on the Internet that highlights an excellent lecture by Sir Ken Robinson, cleverly animated by the people at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) in London.  This lecture speaks about the future of education.

Within the lecture, you will see several themes that agree nicely with the goals of FasTracKids programs, including:

·    Encouraging divergent thinking
·    Utilizing collaboration to help children learn
·    Generating interest in learning through use of the arts
·    Keeping children stimulated by getting them physically moving
·    Developing a child’s natural curiosity instead of discouraging it

Sir Ken Robinson, a former professor at the University of Warwick, is known internationally for his work in education, the arts, and human resources. In this segment of his lecture, he discusses how an outdated model of the mind has led to the alienation of our children, a de-emphasis of the arts in learning, and an over-medicated body of youth restricted to meeting standardized tests. He also makes many suggestions about what needs to be done to correct these problems.

Though FasTracKids can’t comment on the education system as a whole, we certainly agree on techniques that Sir Robinson suggests for educating children. 
The full lecture runs for about an hour, and is also available through the site at the end of the link.

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