Speech, Drama and Art

The months of September and October are energizing as children participate in the subject of Speech, Drama and Art. Drama takes on a different meaning in the FastracKids world, where expanding a child’s imagination can produce wonderful ideas.  Our students are challenged in every lesson to be creative and express themselves.  When we decide to focus on drama, our children excel in both participation and recognition of the subject.

Speech, Drama and Art is truly a favorite among teachers, parents and students.  Our students travel to ancient Greece and participate in a play before any sound systems or sets were created.  They visit Japan and learn about the ancient art of being a puppeteer.   They also learn how sound effects, costumes and lighting impact a story.   With this knowledge, of course, they get to create their own drama.
Through the Speech, Drama and Art subject, FastracKids are asked to excel in the area of dramatic arts.  We intentionally create an atmosphere where children grow and reach new heights in creativity.  Our goal is not only to expose children to the arts, but provide them with necessary tools to succeed in all of their endeavors.  An article by Linda Morgan establishes the importance of early arts education on future school success.  “Drama and storytelling are good ways to help increase a child’s vocabulary” she says.  “A 3-year-old can get up and act like an animal; other kids can describe what they see. And a child who is performing must remember what step comes first. It enhances mental organization.”
Involving young children in the Speech, Drama and Arts subject can open their minds and hearts to a world where creativity, imagination and improvisation thrive.

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