Spencer Learns Sports

Want to know about the latest FasTracKids programs being offered for children around the globe? Look no further, it’s all right here!

FALL 2010: FasTrack Camps adds the Spencer Learns Sports Program

Parents that want to see their kids participating in fun, interactive educational activities can look forward to FasTrack Camps.  FasTrack Camps are offered as several exciting short programs that vary in length from one day to one week.

Since September 2010, children have enjoyed discovering new sports and exercises with Spencer Bunny.   Spencer’s friends help engage a child’s imagination while teaching both Spencer and the class all about sports played around the world.

Each day of this action packed week features several sports, including:


tossTossing the baseball around on Day 1 with Spencer and Sam!

scubaFinding pearls deep underwater while scuba diving on Day 2!

golfTapping a golf ball into a volcano on Day 3 as Spencer learns Golf!

bBallAnd launching the “rock” toward the rim in basketball on Day 4!

During their trip through the world of sports, FasTracKids meet Spencer Bunny and his fantastic friends: Amber, Sam, Paula, Eddy, Coach Natasha, and Coach Dan.  Not only does “Spencer Learns Sports” teach children about sports, yoga positions and exercise, but there are also goals and lessons that can be applied to life outside of sports.

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