The Sal Khan Experience

Have you ever come across a child saying “Math isn’t fun, I don’t understand this?” Maybe you have uttered some variation of that sentiment about a particular subject in your academic career. A man named Sal Khan is trying to change that.

This month, several FasTracKids employees had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Khan speak at the University of Denver in Colorado, USA. Mr. Khan founded the Khan Academy, which is a non-profit organization aimed at providing access to good online education completely free of charge. He has posted educational videos on a wide-range of subjects, including Algebra, Economics and Advanced Calculus.


The Khan Academy provides a method of teaching in which students have fun learning about a new subject at their own pace. The website distributes badges and trophies for students to collect as they complete certain challenges and games online. These methods are also used in FasTracKids’ programs with our Learning Station (technology) and individual projects that can be taken home (trophies).

Sal Khan’s presentation was a fascinating example of how technology can improve education. The world is getting faster and smaller, so children need an opportunity to keep up with the pace. The children of today are our future leaders. That is why there is immense value in delivering an educational advantage to them.

Visit the Khan Academy website here

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