5 Lessons Kids Learn When Volunteering

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During the holiday season, acts of kindness are found everywhere. Whether it’s in a form of money, gifts or time, the holiday spirit shines through with these heartfelt gestures of giving. Volunteering is one of the best forms of giving and should be a shared experience with your child.

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Turning Passive TV Into Active Learning


This year marks the 20th celebration of World Television Day. The commemoration was proclaimed after numerous countries gathered for the first World Television Forum in 1996. In that historical fellowship, influential media personalities banded together and discussed the significance of television for spreading information and real-time broadcasting of important events in different parts of the planet.

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Our Thankful List


There are so many things to be thankful for in this world. On this Thanksgiving holiday (USA), we want to recognize the people and experiences that make us who we are today.

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Set Sail for an Adventure of a Lifetime – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald


When FasTracKids CEO Nancy Faunce excitedly informed the corporate office that we were partnering with a sailor in the Vendée Globe, I had to perform a Google search on what the “Vendée Globe” was.

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FasTracKids Halloween Characters


Happy Halloween from FasTracKids! We have a fun activity that involves your child’s favorite FasTracKids characters and how you can make them come to life.

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Let’s Play: Why Theatre is Important for Young Learners – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

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The month of September is one of the most exciting times for me. Our children return to schools and FasTracKids centers to reset the circadian rhythm of life that was left behind during lax periods of school holidays. I especially enjoy September because it marks one of my favorite subjects in the FasTrack® Fundamentals and Tots programs: Speech, Drama and Art.

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Reading…and Records


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

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How Your Child is Smart


Once in a while, you’ll come across people that think your child isn’t as “gifted” or “talented” as their child. That parent’s idea of child intelligence may be based on figuring out math problems or being able to create impressive buildings out of Legos. What that parent doesn’t realize is that just because your child isn’t proficient at solving math problems doesn’t mean they aren’t smart.

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A Grandparent’s Influence – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald


My friend, Lorna, received great news several weeks ago. Her son was promoted at his job, which meant he would be relocating to Denver. Of course, Lorna was excited to be closer in proximity to her son, but she was overjoyed that her grandchildren would also be growing up in the same city where she lives.

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School Year Goals and Resolutions


Goals determine what you’re going to be. – Julius Irving

Starting the new school year prepared can set the stage for success in the many months to come. A key to that preparedness is making sure that you have established clear goals for you and your children to strive towards throughout the year.

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