Invest In Our Children’s Future

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It seems like a simple enough concept. The more time that is spent on nurturing, educating and developing your child’s young mind, the more likely they are going to be a successful citizen of the world. As parents (and all members of a larger community), now is the time to invest in children.

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Food and Talk With Children – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

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A new year often inspires people to make positive changes in their lives. It’s difficult to fulfill New Year’s resolutions when somebody can’t hold you accountable throughout the year. One resolution that can be planned and should be on your list is sharing family meals and conversations on a consistent basis.

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5 Steps For Your Child To Learn From Last Year


The new year is upon us and with it comes new resolutions. Consider using this time as a learning opportunity to review with your child what they accomplished last year and what they hope to accomplish in 2017. Try these simple steps with your child for them to learn from last year.

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Learning While Sailing Into The New Year!

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2016 offered our students a new way to learn, by using skipper Rich Wilson’s first hand experience sailing around the world. There have been so many rewarding moments halfway through the Adventure At Sea program that we wanted to share them with you.

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Holiday Cheer with Children – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald


Welcome to the most wonderful, and possibly stressful, time of the year! Holiday cheer can turn into holiday headaches without proper expectations and preparation for your child. Let us help you teach your child life lessons in a holiday setting.

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Our Vendée Globe Family Activities

FasTracKids Irapuato Adventures At Sea

During the Vendée Globe race, tens of thousands of people worldwide follow brave sailors (or skippers) as they navigate treacherous seas, outlast fierce storms and battle fatigue to reach their ultimate goal. Students in FasTracKids centers have been paying attention to one skipper in particular, and his name is Rich Wilson.

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5 Lessons Kids Learn When Volunteering

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During the holiday season, acts of kindness are found everywhere. Whether it’s in a form of money, gifts or time, the holiday spirit shines through with these heartfelt gestures of giving. Volunteering is one of the best forms of giving and should be a shared experience with your child.

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Turning Passive TV Into Active Learning


This year marks the 20th celebration of World Television Day. The commemoration was proclaimed after numerous countries gathered for the first World Television Forum in 1996. In that historical fellowship, influential media personalities banded together and discussed the significance of television for spreading information and real-time broadcasting of important events in different parts of the planet.

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Our Thankful List


There are so many things to be thankful for in this world. On this Thanksgiving holiday (USA), we want to recognize the people and experiences that make us who we are today.

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Set Sail for an Adventure of a Lifetime – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald


When FasTracKids CEO Nancy Faunce excitedly informed the corporate office that we were partnering with a sailor in the Vendée Globe, I had to perform a Google search on what the “Vendée Globe” was.

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