Engage a Child’s Mind, Enjoy the Summer – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

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School vacation is a favorite time of the year for kids, but is often the most stressful time of the year for parents. As children look forward to sleeping in and long days of relaxation, parents are left wondering how to keep children engaged and active during this unstructured time of the year.

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Traveling Taste Buds: Kids and New Food

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Trying new foods, especially those native to other cultures, can be daunting for a child. Even adults get squeamish when they travel outside their culinary comfort zone. This is why adults should lead by example by trying new foods and encouraging their children to join them.

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Cooking, Baking and Young Learners

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Cooking and baking are great ways to fill young tummies with delicious food and nourish growing bodies. But did you know that working together in the kitchen with your child can also nourish their developing brains and fill their young minds with skills that they will need later in life?

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Encourage Lifelong Learners: Space Edition

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There is a great big galaxy out there, home to infinite planets, moons, and stars. This cosmic playground we call outer space, or space for short, provides endless opportunities to support children as they explore and learn about their environment far from Earth.

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Active Family Time – Director of Franchise Development Sean Weldon

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Time spent with the family seems to be getting harder and harder each year. Individual appointments, events, activities and work related commitments can present challenges for even the most well-intentioned families.

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24Seven Earth Day

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Our planet, rich with beautiful landscapes and captivating natural phenomena is home to millions of people and many of them are amazingly talented kids! As we approach Earth Day (April 22nd), it is important to reflect on how this bright blue globe of ours supports life and focus on the things that we and our children can do to sustain it.

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International Childhood Fitness Week

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Why is it so hard to convince children to exercise? For starters, TV shows, video games and portable electronics make it easy to be entertained without having to move from a sitting position.

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We’re With You, World Water Day

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Every organism needs water to live and the quality of that life depends on how readily available that most precious resource is.

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Why Poems Matter in Childhood – VP of Curriculum Dee McDonald

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Poetry can build social and emotional learning, both in children and adults. Think about the poems you learned when you were a child.

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FasTracKids New York Featured on Time.com

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Jennifer Moses of Time.com mentioned New York FasTracKids centers as the place to go for “fun techniques to communicate with your baby.”

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